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Basic Beard Care Set

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Basic Beard Kit:

Don’t get caught without these 3 products for your beard.


  1. Daily Co-Wash
  2. Beard Oil
  3. Leave- in Therapy Balm

Most guys can resist washing their beard daily so we created a mild co-wash for that. Co washing is the method of conditioner only cleaning. This method strengthens the hair and cleanses without stripping your strand of its natural oils. Peppermint oil and Pro Vitamin B5 work to improve texture and shine with each use.

The trifecta of beard oils includes peppermint for growth stimulation, soybean for moisturizing, and sweet almond to increase the elasticity. They work effortlessly together to prevent breakage surrounding each strand. (use about 3-4 drops)

Now just add the finishing touches and you are on your way to a great Beard day. Wait did I just rhyme?

 Chase the oil with our lush Leave –in Conditioning Balm The pro Vitamin B5 and Wheat Protein penetrate every strand to fortify and nourish, leaving hair stronger, thicker and shinier day after day. (1 dime size per every 2 inches of beard)

For Best results:

  • CO-wash at the end of your shower
  •  Apply Beard oil & Leave-in while hair is damp
  • Use a difusser attachment of blow dryer if available